Quinta do Casal do Condado

Douro, Minho e Trás-os-Montes - Local Housing

Quinta do Casal do Condado is located in Facha, parish of Ponte de Lima surrounded by the hills of the Nó and Castelo. In the valley stands the Solar, before a ruin of the XVII century, currently a house recovered for housing by the architect Lourenço Rocchi. The rustic atmosphere has been preserved, the sun comes in full by many large windows and balconies already existing, creating a bright and modern ambience. Outside, the large gardens, the orchard, and the various tree species, chestnut trees, olive trees, oaks, pine trees, liquidambars, young araucarias and sequoias extend in colour. There is also the lake and a beautiful brook where trout coexists.

The interiors have soft tones and through the windows you can see the beauty in the gardens. In any of the rooms, apartments or houses the guest can enjoy the gardens and flower beds that surround all these spaces.


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Estrada Combatentes do Ultramar, 1499 - Facha

4990-600 Ponte de Lima

Ponte de Lima

GPS 41.722222, -8.638889