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 My husband and I have a 10 Room boutique/retreat style eco-luxury guest house in SW Alentejo, Portugal called Paraiso Escondido – Living in Harmony. It has always been my dream to share this beautiful place with like-minded people as it offers a retreat experience by just being here and not doing much at all.  In my humble opinion it is a combination of a lot of things and only by being here, experiencing it that one can understand the magic of this place. This is also the reason why I would love to focus more on retreats, share our concept and this beautiful unspoiled area and coast. Paraiso Escondido isn’t just a guest house or hotel, it’s an experience, a feeling, a home that represents myself, my husband Glenn, our life, our family and our journey in every detail. I feel that I’ve recreated my “Stolen Africa” here in Alentejo, almost like a small African lodge experience, as I was born in Mozambique and spent 20 years in South Africa from the age of 10.  It has happened unconsciously, and it became more real to me when I started hearing feedback from our guests who have been to Africa and said that it feels like they were back in Africa and how it brought back such wonderful memories for them. We focus on offering an experience, a feeling of being at home or at a friend’s special place and this for me is the secret to help guests truly relax. It is also important to me to help guests slow down and just be. And to also connect with nature and enjoy the special treats that we offer.  Our guests receive personalised service, understated luxury, pure nature, delicious food and great company.  Staying here is also a magical way to become grounded and enriched on a physical and emotional level.

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his Life Project began in 2001 while dreaming of an escape from the grey skies and the rat race of London working life. Then in 2008 after moving to Portugal from Singapore I started to work on turning our holiday home into a guest house using all my various skills gained from living and travelling all over the world. This experience allowed me to curate a unique guest experience for guests to enjoy and hopefully be touched by the magic of Paraiso Escondido, not forgetting the wild and almost virgin coastline with amazing unspoiled beaches nearby, which also take me back to Africa as we are surrounded by the National Park (Parque Sudoeste e Costa Vicentina).Living in Harmony with nature is the driving force in everything we do here at Paraiso Escondido, from all the architectural planning that fits effortlessly into the landscape, to being as sustainable and eco-conscious as possible.  Lately this is all the new trend but we have been doing this ever since we bought the land back in 2001, even with all the challenges of being so remote, it has been our only way of doing things and it is a normal way of life for us which we share with our guests to hopefully inspire them.


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