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Herdade de São martinho

Alentejo - Country Houses

Herdade de São Martinho is part of one of the oldest Montes in the Region and is located in the municipality of Avis. The Mount belonged to the former Order of the Templars and later to the Religious Order of Avis. The traces left are still visible today, both in the main house, called the Convent, as it was where the Friars of the Order of Avis spent their holidays, through decorative paintings,as well as in the Stone of the Gates, embellished with the Cross of Avis and the Arms of Portugal. Having been in the same family for several generations, its small houses, formerly inhabited by workersfrom the farm, were remodeled for those who want to enjoy country life as if they were in their own home.

Swimming Pool, Riding Lessons, Horse and Bike Tours, Kayak Tours on the Silk Road Stream, Boat Tours in the Maranhão Dam, Wine tasting, Snooker and Ping Pong.


1 Night /



From €90 depending on the type and time of year.

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Margarida Vaz Monteiro

00351 931 402 314

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Herdade de São Martinho

7480 Aviz


GPS 39.024257, -8.0204420