Herdade da Maxuqueira

Alentejo - Agritourism

Herdade da Maxuqueira is situated in the region of Alto Alentejo, about 8 km from Gavião, 1h45 minutes from Lisbon, wich trip is practically all highway. It borders two distinct regions: Ribatejo and Beira Baixa. It belongs to the county of Gavião, Portalegre`s district. Having passed from generation to generation since the sixteenth century, its current owners decided to share the good natural conditions of the farm, through the Rural Tourism, in addition to the agricultural holding: aromatic and medicinal herbs, cork, eucalyptus, pine and cattle breeding, all in organic production. Herdade da Maxuqueira is a very warm and friendly place where you can spend a very pleasant days and carry out outdoor activities, enjoying the pleasures of nature.


1 Night / APA

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Between €95 and €150.
Rental of the entire Monte (8 double rooms) from €640 / night.

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Sofia Pereira de Lima

00531 241 634 038 / 00351 918 535 859

[email protected]

6040-077 Margem


GPS 39.404174, -7.889069