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Tell me a story of enchantment. One with flavors of toasted blue and yellow, one of those stories that paint an endless afternoon where time has forgotten us and the sunset never ends. One that has flavors of cool Autumn mornings, wet earth, remote breezes embracing the hearth, and laughter on the branches of a cork oak.
A story where I lose myself galloping through the montado on long Summer afternoons, only to find the row of vines that brings me back, step by step, to the cool waters of the Terges river. Where history connects with the present, creating new pages of a legacy that will span the years to come. Where houses sprout in harmony with the land and blend in with the landscape.
Tell me how to get there and how I won’t want to leave. How I will be root and water, sun and wind; how I will have wings to fly with herons, swallows, and sparrows; how I will get to know deep Alentejo, among hills and plains of warm tones, vineyards of relaxing brown and green, ending with a glass resting in my hand.
Where colors invade halls, rooms, and walls, the ground reminds us that we belong there, to that sweet and fraternal land. Where the roofs are just a short cloak between us and the brightest sky, hovering over all dreams. Just for a few moments. Then I open my eyes and feel the earth between my fingers and the sweet awakening of the shy clouds hanging in the sky.
Tell me how Alentejo tastes, the fragrances and soft touches of grapes and horsehair. How to capture the chords of the plains in the keys of a piano, in the cicada’s song, or in the wind blowing the golden corn fields. It makes me want to hold in my breath and not let it out, just to bring in this whole plain in one single breath.
Tell me what I have lost, just because I closed my eyes for an instant. Tell me that nothing has changed, that the leaves have not moved, the stream has not run, the birds have been quiet, that I have not fallen asleep, but have awakened in the same place where this vast Alentejo has not let me leave.
Tell me a lullaby, one that’s real, that fits in a hug or in a half-full glass, in a smile as big as a hill or a road with no destination. In a table full of friendships to make, in a porch by the water, where the blue sky does not regret visiting us.
Tell me how there is a place with many places inside, a dream that someone made come true, a volition that overflowed from the extremes and flooded us with passion and a desire to stay.
I know that in dreams I’ve seen, I guarantee there is always an entire Alentejo that fits in a hug or in the round walls of a glass, which is never empty, of course!

Dream and Passion
Once upon a time … Because all stories begin at one time … a family.
In 1998, the Soares family, João, Paulo, Rita, João, and Maria Antonia together, went after a dream. And a passion. A dream in space and time. A passion for nature and the products we take from it. Respect for nature.
They put their hands in the earth. They felt the soil. They gave new life to Herdade da Malhadinha Nova, located in Albernoa, in the heart of Baixo Alentejo.
Driven by their dream and passion, they transformed this immense space which stood still in time into a showcase for genuine Alentejo products of the highest quality.
In addition to wine, they also raise native animals in complete harmony with Nature and under a strict regime of protection with protected designation of origin (PDO).

Space and Time
Infinity. Space is endless. Time cannot be heard, nor does it seem to advance. History retreats into time immemorial and is written forward. Silence. The wind blows across land and sea, from the plains to the mountains. Warm and soothing landscapes. Unique.
In this setting emerges Herdade da Malhadinha Nova Country House. Both in and outside its doors, the new and old Alentejo is present in every nook and cranny. Tradition meets contemporary, simplicity with the purest sophistication.
A different and distinct scene. To experience, live, and share.
More than a “Fairy Tale,” it is a reality that goes far beyond imagination.
Accommodation: A nook in each corner
Distinct types of accommodation sprinkled in various nooks of this immense region.
Time, nature, genuineness, and authenticity serve as a common denominator. Like an artisan who handles their piece, each one is designed differently.
Inspired by the traditions and materials that nature offers, each one portrays a singular chapter in the history of Herdade da Malhadinha Nova.
In contrast to the perfect harmony with the idyllic landscape, we stumble upon the modernity and uniqueness of its interior decoration.
Surrounded by vineyards, it all started with Herdade da Malhadinha Nova Country House & Spa. The rural essence of the original house breathes in the heart of the Herdade, mixed with exclusive touches of contemporary design.
Minimalism. Whether in construction or decoration, it is the keyword for a contemporary architecture that serves as an extension of the nature on which it stands. Casa das Pedras emerges from the vineyard and embraces a waterway called Ribeira de Terges.
The terracotta pavement, made from clay soil by the hand of the Mestre de Beringel, is an example of respect for tradition. A jewel in the crown that gives Casa do Ancoradouro its singularity, a charming unit located in the Herdade with the same name. With vineyards as illustrious neighbors, it is bathed by the stream that was once navigable in time immemorial.
The Guadiana River also inspires a Villas concept – Casa da Ribeira. The waterbed’s blue hues come through the doors, giving color to the preserved Alentejo architectural design.
Casa das Artes e Ofícios pays tribute to all those who handcraft raw materials, from clay to wicker. The arts are the lifeblood of the house. Exhibits and workshops, pieces for sale, and contact with the authors paint the rest of the setting.
Finally, we jump to the village of Albernoa in Mercearia Grande. Which once sold a variety of foods, drug store products, hats, or tableware and is now a unique dwelling. Inside, some of the original elements remain intact.

Vineyards: A terroir designed by hand
Thirty-five hectares of vineyards grow among gentle slopes from drained schist soil. Native and indigenous grape varieties are planted alongside other varieties of distinct origin that have perfectly adapted to the geography and characteristics of the Alentejo landscape. A combination that gives HMN wines their particularity.

The Winery: The soul bent over the vineyard
Our grapes travel by hand in 12 kg baskets to the winery. Inaugurated in 2003, it bows to the vineyard. The winery reaches out its hand to the vineyard, such is the proximity. Embedded in uneven terrain, it takes advantage of natural gravity. In the vat, human feet crush the grapes by the traditional method. At the same time, production walks hand-in-hand and simultaneously with the most modern winemaking processes. The wine is stored in barrel cellars, part of which are made of French oak. Luís Duarte, consulting oenologist, and Nuno Gonzalez, resident oenologist, are the men behind the wine.

Agriculture: Respect for what nature gives us
Nature’s mighty silence is the predominant sound, interrupted here and there by dialogues among animals or the birth of a new plant. In space, in the immense space of the Alentejo plains, Man’s actions are infinitely reduced. In the montado, the Alentejo cow and the black pig live in total freedom in the natural environment surrounding them. Acorns, pastures, and everything that nature provides feeds these two native species. From the time the Olive Grove was planted in the 1940s to the 20th century, Galician olives are totally harvested by hand, bringing the purity of a centenary olive oil to the table.


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Herdade da Malhadinha Nova is a rural manor set among pristine natural surroundings. It features one panoramic pool, a spa with jacuzzi and hammam, free Wi-Fi and free bicycles. Rooms at the Malhadinha Nova Country House & Spa have white-washed walls and tiled floors. They combine designer furnishings with rustic finishings. All rooms have air conditioned and equipped with flat-screen cable TV and an Ipod docking station. We have 7 Double Rooms, 1 Junior Suite and 2 Mains Suites.
The combination of design, country living, comfort and elegance appeals to our senses and feelings. Cooking with a famous chef, learning the art of photography or painting with great masters or discovering the world of wine from the inside. These are some of experiences that we would like to share with you.


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