Casas de Santa Rita

Alentejo - Country Houses

Welcome to our favorite place. Beyond everything else, it has light, earth and smell. As it is special, we want to share it with our guests.
Here time runs more slowly, and it is easier to connect with the senses. We leave the routine and the hustle and bustle behind, and find an easier way to spend the days.
In winter, the smell of a burning fire keeps bread and olives company, which do not do without the region’s cheese and sausages, and with a bottle of wine we allow ourselves to have long conversations. In the spring, the fields explode with wild flowers. Summer brings warm sunrises and starry nights. In the fall, everything ends to start all over again.
It’s that simple and good!
We have 2 houses, prepared to accommodate our guests in multiple configurations – double and family suites, apartments, or integral houses.
We have meal services throughout the day, and we operate adventure tours with mandatory stops at regional attractions that distill authenticity.
We have bicycles and country tours, which deserve to be discovered.
The life of the farm is also a good thing to live. Taking care of animals is a must for children. Adults, on the other hand, can always help with field work.

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Suites ( 2 Pax) 90€/ 80€/ 75€
Family Suite (4 Pax) 140€/ 130€/ 120€
Apartment (2 Pax) 130€/ 120€/ 110€
Full House (5 Pax) 160€/145€/ 130€
Full House (8 Pax) 350€/ 320€/ 300€
Full House (10 Pax) 450€/ 420€/ 390€

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Miguel Conim

00351 961 040 826

[email protected]

Monte de Santa Rita, Estrada das Hortas

7100-233 Evoramonte


GPS 38.772694, -7.724278