Casa do Retiro

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Casa do Retiro is located in the heart of Ribeira Lima, in the village of Fontão, one of the most picturesque villages of the Minho region in northern Portugal. Ponte de Lima, the oldest Portuguese town, stands 7km away and Viana do Castelo, where long white sand beaches contrast with slopes of vineyards and farms, is only 15km distance.Manor Casa do Retiro is part of a 10ha farm exhibiting the typical architecture of the region. It is surrounded by beautiful landscapes, with fields and old trees, and encircled by centurial stone walls, providing great privacy and a sense of peace.

The house stands amid a highly forested area, surrounded by the imposing Serra D’Arga and the plain of Rio Lima, combining a beauty worthy of a romantic painting with a privileged location. A clear water brook crosses the farm, inviting to a bath or trout fishing. The land is intended for corn plantation, for animal feeding purposes. After crossing the emblazoned entrance gate, we come to an open and ample yard that leads to a large stone staircase and the manor’s main entrance.

Next to the main façade of the house there are various farm premises, amongst which and old cellar and barn which lead to a monumental old granite threshing floor, with 4000 metres, deemed to be the largest in Portugal.

The house has a beautiful garden and pool, which face a dazzling scenario of mountain ridges where the blue colour of the sky mingles with the green of the trees, and the peaceful silent environment invites to dreaming and introspection, an escape from daily stress. Besides its described characteristics, Casa do Retiro also offers an excellent set of activities in the nearby areas, thanks to its privileged location.


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380€/day - May to Septempber
Closed: January, February, March, April, October, November and December

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Lourenço Bruschy

00351 920 047 997

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Rua da Bouça Velha

4990-610 Fontão, Ponte de Lima

Ponte de Lima

GPS 41.7432778,-8.6660556