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Costa Vicentina is without a doubt our Secret West Coast, where we still discover true oases of nature,wild beaches and good energy.It was precisely on this coast that we discovered another treasure: Aldeia da Pedralva. A heap of dilapidated houses in a unique location, between the Natural Park and dozens of beaches. A village that had more than 100 people, being reduced, in our days, to 7 original inhabitants. After about 2 years to acquire the houses and another 2 years for their reconstruction, as close to the original as possible , the Aldeia da Pedralva appears, which wants to be a typical Portuguese village, but at the same time, an active village, passionate, trendy and mystical. Today there are 26 reconstructed houses of various types.



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Depending on the time of the year, prices vary ( values per house/day): T1 between 70 € and 155 €; T1 with pateo between 90 € and 180 €; T2 between 120 € and 226 € ; T2 with pateo between 130 € and 250 €; T3 between 144 € and 279 €; T3 with pato between 186 € and 349 €; sofa bed 10 €; extra bed 10 € ; Breakfast for adult 9,50 €; breakfast for child 5,50 €.

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All houses in Aldeia da Pedralva are equipped with a kitchen ( fridge, microwave, electric hob, Nespresso coffee machine, utensils) heating, daily cleaning and the possibility of including breakfast or ordering bread at the reception. There are houses of types T1, T2 and T3 with a capacity of 2 to 8 people and some with private outdoor space and BBQ.


Diogo Fonseca

00 351 282639342

[email protected]

Rua de Baixo – Casa da Pedralva

8650-401 Vila do Bispo

GPS 37.141580, -8.861786